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Phone Utility Review Phone Utility Review


For more than 30 years, Prime Auditors has aided businesses and organizations in recovering past overpayments they have made to their utility providers. Established in 1981, Prime Auditors has become a leading telecom and utility audit provider, and we have obtained millions of dollars for our clients. In addition, we have enabled clients to greatly reduce their future charges with over billing eliminations and more cost effective rate plans.

Prime Auditors's understanding of tariffs and rates and the groups within the utilities that control these billing mechanisms, allows us to perform a complete historical audit and furthermore, get you the best quality and most cost effective alternatives for the future.

Our fees are based only on "recovery and savings". Thus, if our audit can't help you recover past overpayments or reduce your current charges, we don't charge a fee.

Prime Auditors has helped some of the most recognizable organizations in the country including:

  • ADP Payroll Services
  • TNT Shippers
  • West Point Military Academy
  • The New York City Board of Education
  • The Southeast Alabama Medical Center
  • McDonalds
  • Over 100 Municipalities
  • Over 200 Educational Institutions

Please see our references section for a broad range of businesses we have helped.

Utility billing is the 3rd largest expense that an organization incurs each month. Undoubtedly, it is the most confusing. Prime Auditors enables you to cut through the confusion and repair your utility challenges in the past, and in the future.