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Phone Utility Review Phone Utility Review


Why do I need Prime Auditors

We are experts in the utility auditing field. We know every angle to obtain refunds for you on items you were over billed for in the past. Since we see every conceivable billing on a constant basis, and monitor the changes in the market place, we are fully aware of what a business or organization of your size should be paying. Utility bills are created to confuse you. We know how to decipher what you are being billed for.

What kind of items are over billed?

The answer is many. To name a few- On the telecom side, most providers lump items into the "service charge" portion of your bill and you have no idea what is actual contained in this fee. We also find lines that have no dial tone or incorrect contract terms. On the utility side we find incorrect rate plans, bogus meter readings and incorrect surcharges and taxes.

What Percentage of Bills Contain Errors?

Typically we find that about 75% of the bills we review are not accurate.

How does an audit work?

You can find the answer to this utilizing the "Getting Started" link. In a nutshell, you provide us with one month's worth of billing and we get additional billing information we need directly from your provider.

How much time do we have to commit to the audit?

Our internal study has shown that the #1 reason a prospective client says "no" to having a review done, is that they think there will be an enormous amount of time spent getting the information we require. In reality, the opposite is true; the ONLY information we need from the customer is a copy of one month's worth of billing, the letter of authorization to your provider, and our client agreement. Then you just sit back and wait for the money.

How long does an audit take?

It depends on how large an organization you are. For smaller clients the audit can be completed in about 60 days. If you are a large client with multiple bills, then the process can take up to 6-9 months. However keep in mind, that any refund you are due is collecting interest once we report the discrepancies, and you will be fully compensated for any lag time to your refund.

How do we get paid?

Our fee is only paid after you receive a refund or have your billing reduced through our efforts. There are NO upfront costs. You don't pay us until you get a refund or receive a reduction on your future billing.