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Class Action Suit Allows For Telephone Refunds

All Verizon users (both current and former) are eligible for a refund under a Class Action Settlement with Verizon.

This settlement allows for full compensation for any 3rd party services billed on your Verizon account. These charges are also known as “crams.”

The refund period runs from April of 2005 thru February of 2012.

Many of you know Phone Review from the work they have performed for the Villages in the past. Phone Review is offering to help the Villages get full refunds for any of these services that might have been billed to the Village accounts. They handle all of the investigation and summary reports and file a petition on your behalf. Their fee is a simple 50% of any refund that they obtain for you. This fee is not billed until after you have received your refund.

Phone Review is handling this project for thousands of Verizon account numbers. Additionally however, these requests for compensation MUST be made prior to 11/15/12 or you will no longer be eligible.

The process is easy for the Villages. Just contact John Coyne at 516-403-1204 and he will get the simple information he needs to take care of the process. Many of you are current customers and he will have been in contact already regarding this matter.

Remember that this is valid even if you are no longer a Verizon customer. Phone Review can help identify what your account numbers were from the past and get you a refund if you are due one. The bottom line is you have absolutely nothing to lose.