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Phone Utility Review Phone Utility Review

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Historical Telcom Audit

We make sure every charge on your bill is correct. Some of the things we look for are:

  • Lines or Circuits with no dial tone or continuity
  • Contract Mistakes
  • Crams
  • Service Order Charges
  • Taxes and Surcharges
  • Usage Charges

Billing Histories – most carriers "lump" access charges together to confuse you. Most don't even break them down on your monthly billing. Even a nominal bill will contain an access charge that will include lines (do you know all of the lines you are currently being billed for?), features (call forwarding, call waiting etc.) and FCC surcharges.

We obtain a complete breakdown of the items that make up your "lump sum access" charges and insure that you have all of the items you are being billed for, and additionally insure that you are currently using them. We will do an actual physical inventory of any suspect lines or circuits billed to you, that appear with no usage or activity. Oft times, our technicians physical inventory will uncover items that are over billed like lines with "no dial tone" that you would have no way of knowing were over billed, if we hadn't performed this inventory for you. Any customer with ten or more lines has an excellent chance of being over billed in this fashion.

We ask for a copy of your bill for a few reasons: first we need to analyze the usage platforms that you are currently billed on. Second, we need to clean up any "crams or slams" that are on your bill. Similar to "pop-ups and viruses" on a computer, telephone bills have become a virtual breeding ground for unscrupulous companies to add extra charges onto your bill without you noticing. If you have ever tried to call your carrier or the "crammer" to see about getting the item addressed, you know how confusing it can be. Prime Auditors not only eliminates the charge from future billing, but fights to get you a retroactive refund as well.
We obtain a copy of any and all contracts that are currently in effect and insure that you are receiving the rates you agreed to.

Confused by the taxes and surcharges on your billing? Prime Auditors knows what taxes and surcharges should be applied to what product and service. The complexity in this field has made it the most confusing portion of your telephone bill, and one we are well versed in correcting.

Did we find anything billed in error? If so, we will file for a refund from your carrier for the period of time that the error existed. Keep in mind that you have hired us on a contingency basis and our fee is based upon what we get back for you. Obviously, we are fighting for you to obtain every dollar of a refund that you deserve.

In summary….we make sure that all of your current charges are correct. If they are not, we get you a full refund due from your carrier AND….you don't pay us until we have secured the refund or credit for you.

Future Telecom Reduction Analysis

While the recovery of historical errors hovers around the 75% mark, the percentage of billing that can benefit by changes to billing platforms and alterations to calling plans, stands at well over 90%.

Once the historical audit has been completed and all refunds have been obtained for items billed in error, Prime Auditors will perform a complete analysis of your current billing. The first order of business is to advise you of how you are being billed by your telecom provider.

Pie Chart

Following an evaluation of the charges, we'll help you analyze several things from your spending:

  • Are you in proportion spending with similar size companies in your field?
  • In the category where you are spending the most, are you doing it most cost effectively?
  • Are the ways you can effectively reduce your spending in the future?
  • Savings with your current carrier - We find 90% of our customers don't realize that you can save money with your current carrier simply be changing billing platforms. There are always better deals available and it is our job to know what platform best suits your needs.
  • Savings with other carriers - We will also present you with several other options available through alternate carriers. Frequently, you can find better value with one of the carriers you are already using. (Example - putting intralata traffic currently on your local exchange bill onto the long distance bill you already have established with another company, at a greatly reduced rate.)
  • We Know The Marketplace - Because we know what the spending patterns are in similar organizations, we can insure that you can have the same great rates available to you.
  • No Obligation - you are never under any obligation to accept any of our recommendations. The choice is always yours on what option you feel most comfortable with… The choice is always yours on what option you feel most comfortable with.
  • Once You Make A Decision - Once you decide which option you would like to proceed with, Prime Auditors handles all of the paperwork to move you to your new carrier or to help you change your billing platform with your current carrier. We additionally follow up to ensure that the corrections are removed from the invoices once the new rates go into effect.
  • Our Incentive - You don't pay us unless we document the savings we told you that you would be receiving. Again, since we get paid on what we are saving you….we make absolutely sure that you get every discount that you can, and that the billing is absolutely what we projected going forward.

Future Savings Utility Audit

  • Is that rate you are being billed by your utility company the one that benefits YOU the most? We will let you know if there is a better billing platform that you should be on.
  • ESCO Services – ESCO's are a great way to save money on the "supply" of your gas and electric billing. However choosing the right ESCO is never easy. There are over 200 ESCO's in NYS. We help you navigate throughout the difficult process of choosing an ESCO's are paying MORE than their utility provider would have charged!! So although it is an easy way to save, you must choose wisely to experience the savings.
  • Savings Report – upon request, we will provide you with a specific breakdown showing you how you can save by implementing new rates or providers. You are never under any obligation to accept any of our recommendations.