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Phone Utility Review Phone Utility Review

Getting Started

WORRIED that a billing audit is time consuming? It isn't. We know your time is valuable. That's why Prime Auditors is always looking to make the audit process an easy one for your organization. All you have to do is follow the few short steps outlined below. All of the audit work is done out of our offices. The time on your part to begin an audit of your utility billing is minimal.

We need only 3 things to start your audit:

1) Bill Copies
2) Letter of Authorization
3) Client Agreement

Bill Copies - Simply supply us with a complete copy of one month's worth of utility billing. The most recent month's bill is preferable. Include all utility billing that your organization receives.
Letter Of Authorization - This letter allows us to act as your agent. With this letter of authorization we can obtain customer service records and obtain refunds on your behalf.

Download LOA as PDF

Client Agreement - Our standard client agreement can be printed below. Our fees are based only on recovery and savings. If you are billed correctly and we can't reduce your future billing, there is no fee.

Download Client Agreement as PDF

If you need assistance in preparing any of the items we need to begin the audit, click HERE to find out how you can contact us.

The little time spent on preparing this information, can recoup substantial refunds and savings for your organization and we are confident that you will find it well worth your time!